What is RSPS?



RSPS stands for Rapid Sequencer Programming Software. Sequencers (or Drums) are function blocks provided by any major PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) Software. If you are programming a Complex Machine, that have a sequential, well defined sequence of steps or operations within a cycle, you better be using Sequencer Blocks.

While Sequencers provide an elegant, simple solution for complex, sequential machines, you need to keep a good record of the Drum Parameters so that you can understand  the logic and troubleshoot the machine. Sequencer Blocks require several parameters that can take a long time to program if you are doing directly on the PLC program.

The idea behind RSPS is simple. I was working on a complex software system, which had almost a hundred of Sequencers on the program. Keeping track of all that while expediting code development was a challenge.

RSPS is simply a "charged" Excel sheet with supporting Java code. I used Excel for the easy of use, universal interface. You will use Excel to configure Drum Parameters and Steps and, with the press of a button, the java code will read the Excel sheet and output a CSV file that could be imported by the PLC program.

So RSPS will be used to program the Drum and keep a good record of it, as its interface is self explanatory showing what is going on with that particular Sequencer. Once you import the CSV file onto your PLC program, all the variables used by the Sequencer are automatically created and initialized with the appropriated value. This saves you a lot of time!!! You also minimize errors because now, you do not have to enter those parameters manually of the PLC program.






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